13 Ekim 2015 Salı

Parrot Resists Saudi Extradition

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(HaberTürk and Posta Newspapers, 12 October 2015)

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Parrot worried about Saudi's 50 lashes late-arrival penalty.

A parrot belonging to a family returning to Saudi Arabia from
Istanbul flew off from the shoulder of its caretaker at Atatürk
Airport and has yet to be captured.

The day before yesterday as Bahattin Kılıç, the caretaker,
was passing through the gate security checkpoint when the parrot
resting on his shoulder (!) became nervous from the attention
of onlookers and flew off. The Saudi family had purchased
the parrot in Eminönü, Istanbul, for about 17,000 TL (5,000
USD) but returned to Saudi Arabia, leaving it to Kılıç to
bring the parrot there.

Yesterday at the airport, a lift was used to try to retrieve the bird
but without success. As for Kılıç, he voiced determination about
capturing the parrot, saying "I'll wait here at the airport until the
parrot is caught. We'll summon the fire department or AKUT
(search & rescue experts) if we have to."

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