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Vladimir (Abdülemir) Putin's Iraqi Roots

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 9 October 2015)

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    Hey, let's take a look at your birth certificate.

As claims that Moscow will intervene against ISIS in Iraq
circulate, the popularity of Russian President Vladimir Putin
has skyrocketed among Shiites there. A great many Shiites in
Iraq see 'Hacı Putin' as their savior and some urban legends
have sprung up, in this regard.

One example: "Actually, Putin's father was an Iraqi grocer in
the southern city of Nasiriya. In his shop he sold 'tin', meaning
figs, so his father was known as 'Ebu Tin'. After the Second
World War, Ebu Tin migrated to Russia, where he married a
blonde Russian girl. They named their son Abdülemir but because
it was difficult to pronounce in Russian they changed it to

Baghdad taxi driver Ali el-Rammahi stated that the only reason
he hasn't left Iraq is Putin. Explaining further, he said that "Putin
persuaded me to stay in Iraq. Hacı Putin is better than Hüseyin
Obama."  The Kenyan father of U.S. President Obama, who is a
Christian, was a Moslem, which is why Obama's middle name
is Hüseyin.

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Putin Library under construction in Nasiriya.


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