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Drunk Driver Steals His Own Car

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 18 October 2015)

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       Why can't a guy steal his own car?!

He was stopped for drunk driving and when he protested he
was arrested. The ensuing incident occurred in Yediemin
(holding lot for seized cars) TEM parking lot in Büyükçekmece,

Traffic police stopped Murat T. (35) and asked for his license and
registration papers.  There were some missing elements of his
paperwork and Murat was also observed to be under the influence
of alcohol so police took his license and had his car towed to the
Yediemin lot.

A while later, Murat T. went to the lot to get his car but the
caretaker there, one Mustafa D., told Murat that he didn't have
the right paperwork and refused to give him his car. Enraged,
Murat pulled a knife on Mustafa and made him give him the car
keys.  Murat then sped away from the lot in his car.

Mustafa reported the incident to the police and Murat was picked
up shortly afterwards. Murat's lawyer Eren Can explained that "the
guy couldn't prove that the car was his because he didn't have his
license because the police had taken it from him. So at that point
the car belonged to the Yediemin parking lot. And taking the car
by force became a crime, of course."

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