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Cage Fighting Champ Braves War to Win

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(Posta Newspaper, 16 October 2015)

Silvan'dan Türkiye Şampiyonluğu'na
            She's got that look in her eyes...

Ruken Fidan (18) has won the cage fighting championship
of Turkey despite living through terror-filled days in Silvan,
Diyarbakır province, that began after the elections on 7 June.

Fidan related how she endured three months in Silvan, during
which time leaving one's house was forbidden for 7 days, as
follows: "we lived through very bad days. While the clashes
were going on I went to the gym for workouts. On days when
it was forbidden to leave home I snuck along the side streets
to the gym. Sometime I had to get over trenches and barricades.
All this time I was hearing the sound of gunfire and explosions.
Nevertheless, I pressed on and became Turkey's champion,
making me and my family very happy."

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         Just another day of practice.

After having dedicated her championship to Silvan, Fidan is
now focusing on the upcoming tournament in Spain. She is also
preparing for the advanced physical fitness school exams
and noted that "I'm trying to get girls in Silvan to go to school
and encourage them in sports.  Directing women in Silvan toward
education and sports would be a revolution, I'd say."

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   Silvan district of Diyarbakır province.


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