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Atatürk: Liberator of... Argentina?

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(Taraf Newspaper, 4 October 2015)

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,Well, Atatürk's a lot better looking than the other guy.

Argentinian counterfeiters have put Atatürk's picture on the
Argentine 100 peso note.  Vahap Özdemir, a Turk who
happened to be in Argentina, didn't realize he had been
hoodwinked until he got home.

A bewildered Özdemir explained that "I went to a street
money changer to change some money and since it was a
large amount I counted it quickly without noticing that anything
was wrong.  When I got home I counted it again and realized a
portion of it was counterfeit. The really interesting aspect is
that the counterfeiters put a picture of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
on the 100 peso note."

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    Turkish counterfeiters threatening revenge.

Özdemir wants to make sure that tourists coming to Argentina
avoid the moneychangers on the street who holler for customers.
"They'll give you fake money.", he said.

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