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Putin's in Syria, His Billionaires in Turkey

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 19 October 2015)

Rus milyarder mega yatıyla Fethiye’de
  Can launch cruise missiles when Putin calls.

Andrey Melnichenko, one of Russia's richest men has come
to Fethiye in Muğla province for a vacation and anchored his
mega-yacht 'A. Hamilton' - the name being inspired by his
wife, the Serbian model Aleksandra Melnichenko - in the waters
off Belceğiz beach.

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   He certainly has that special billionaire's glow.

The yacht, which is outfitted with a submarine, attracted the
intense attention of local and foreign tourists, who flocked to
Belceğiz beach at Öludeniz to get a look at the ship. The 119-
meter long super yacht was built over 4 years and can do 26

Melnichenko went for a parachute ride twice and landed without
any problem. He paid 600 TL for the ride and was met by his
bodyguards on the beach when he alighted, returning with them
to his yacht.

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Sabah Newspaper, 21 October 2015)

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Ready to relieve the Russian fleet off Syria whenever needed.

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, together with his
wife and two children, has come to Marmaris's Hisarönü Gulf
aboard his ultra-luxury yacht "Eclipse". Abramovich owns
England's most famous football club, Chelsea, Journalists who
heard about his arrival aboard his 165-meter long giant yacht,
hired a fishing boat from Selimiye pier to get close enough to
photograph the yacht.

Ambramovich's children were seen enjoying rides on
a "banana boat" but they were ushered back on to the yacht
when the journalists appeared. Bodyguards on board the yacht
warned journalists not to get too close and although Abramovich
was assumed to be on the yacht he was not seen.

Last year in October Ambramovich anchored "Eclipse" at Hisarönü
and went for a bike tour with his bodyguards, toured the town of
Selimiye and had tea at a local cafe.

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"Eclipse" is anchored near the town of Selimiye.

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