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Theft Edition: Over & Under Achievers

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(Sabah Newspaper, 12 October 2015)

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                  Easy Peasy Japaneezy 

Gökay O., an accountant for a Japanese firm doing business
in Turkey, sent 10 million TL (about 3.5 million USD) to
his older brother's account rather than to the Turkish tax bureau.
The older brother, Göktuğ O. used the money to buy his family
luxury cars, villas and real estate.

The scandal was uncovered when another accountant in the
large firm's accounting section, Gönül G., told officials that
Gökay O. had transferred 7 million TL to a production company,
instead of to the Sarıyer, Istanbul, tax bureau. Official then
discovered that Gökay O. had previously sent 3 million TL
to the same production company account.

It turned out that the production company is owned by older
brother Göktuğ O. and the brothers' mother Asude O.  In his
statement to police, Gökay O. explained that he had acted on
the instructions of his older brother who bought luxury cars
for himself and his wife, Nazlı O., a villa in Bostancı, Istanbul,
for his mother and another 3 cars.

As for Göktuğ O., he stated that he gave a portion of the money
to his friend Eser Ç. and used some for the house, cars and a
summer place in Keşan, Edirne province.  The prosecutor
determined that Didem B., an official at the bank where the
firm has its account, conspired with the brothers. Gökay O.,
Göktuğ O., Asude O., Didem B. and Eser Ç. will all be tried
and receive a maximum 7-year sentence if convicted.

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 15 October 2015)

Image result for 300 bin tl lik lazeri çalıp 600 tlye sattı
Next time, R.K. needs to do his homework beforehand.

The thief who robbed the construction shanty for the 3rd trans-
Bosphorus bridge in Istanbul, has been captured. The theft
occurred on 2 October at the shanty in Nişantepe, Çekmeköy,
where the approach road to the bridge is being built.

Image result for 300 bin tl lik lazeri çalıp 600 tlye sattı
Yavuz Sultan Selim (3rd) Bridge, a work-in-progress.

The thief took 24 laser readers that are used with the asphalt
paving machine, 18 cables and 6 electronic brains, worth a
total of about 300,000 TL (about 100,000 USD). However,
the thief had no idea of the value of the equipment and sold
it all to a junk dealer in Umraniye, Istanbul, for 600TL (200

Police in Çekmeköy captured suspect R.K. and a raid was
conducted on the junk dealer. All the stolen equipment was
recovered and returned to the construction firm. R.K. was
arrested and taken to jail.

Image result for yavuz sultan selim köprüsü haritası
3rd Bridge being built over Bosphorus near Black Sea.


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