3 Ekim 2015 Cumartesi

Water Water Everywhere, But Not a Drop to Share

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 3 October 2015)

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      Ahhh, memories of Tianamen Square...

A project was prepared by the provincial government in
Sivas to create a water line from a spring in Tatar village,
about thirty kilometers away from Suşehri in northeast
Sivas. The water from the 160-home Tatar village was to
be shared with the neighboring villages of Eskimeşe,
Gökçekent and Akıncı.

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        ...the resemblance is uncanny.

However, the residents of Tatar opposed the plan and when
construction vehicles arrived on 27 April the villagers refused
to let them enter.  After five months of discussions, the
contractor, provincial officials and Gendarmerie troops went
to Tatar the day before yesterday to begin work on the pipeline

Again the villagers resisted and yesterday the contractor and
Gendarmerie troops went to the village but the residents
erected barricades to keep them out.  When the villagers
could not be persuaded to yield, police used a TOMA crowd
control vehicle with a high-pressure water hose, while the
Gendarmerie hurled tear gas cannisters.

The villagers responded by throwing rocks and the area
turned into a battlefield, with one soldier and three villagers

Suşehri ("Water City") is in northeastern Sivas province.

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