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Edita!: Don't Cry For Me, Business Class

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 25 October 2015)

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What may be a first in the history of aviation scandals
occurred on the Vienna-Abu Dhabi flight of Fly MT Airlines.
The incident happened on the evening of Wednesday, 21

Slovakian citizen Edita Kmetova was sitting in economy class
when her stomach began acting up and she went to the toilet.
The economy class toilet was occupied, though, so Edita wanted
to use the business class toilet instead.

However, the business class passengers objected to Edita using
their bathroom and the flight attendant would not admit Edita to
the business class toilet. Nevertheless, Edita's stomach distress
would not let up and she entered the business class toilet anyway.

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The resemblance is uncanny...not to mention the trials and 

Emerging from the toilet, Edita was confronted by the flight
attendant and the captain (!), along with the business class patrons,
and an argument ensued. The pilot then handcuffed Edita (!!) and,
since the plane was in Turkish air space, he called Ankara air traffic
control to make an emergency landing.

The plane was directed to land at Erzurum in eastern Turkey, where
it was met by firefighters, ambulances and policemen.  Erzurum
airport's deputy director Abubekir Özcan met the crying and
handcuffed Edita and quickly freed her from the cuffs, turning her
over to the police.

Erzurum authorities determined that Edita had done nothing wrong
and directed the pilot to put her back on the plane. The pilot, though,
refused and took off once again without Edita.  Erzurum airport
pesonnel took care of Edita, who had no money on her nor any friends
or relatives in Turkey. After spending the night in the Sway Hotel
without charge, Edita was put on a plane to Istanbul and from there
to Abu Dhabi.

Slovakia's honorary consul Emir Bozkaya sent a letter to Erzurum
airport deputy director Özcan, thanking him and airport personnel
for the aid they extended to Edita.

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                         Erzurum province

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