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Queen Maria's Treasure Lures Gold Diggers

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 1 October 2015)

Tarbzon'un maçka ilçesinde Kralliçe Maria'nın hazinesi için tünel açanlar yakalandı
 "Trabzon Jones and the Legend of Queen Maria"

These days Trabzon is talking about an odd treasure hunting
story. The district Gendarmerie post got word that explosions
had been heard coming from Atasu village, Taşköprü location
in Maçka district and went to investigate.

The Gendarmerie found an 8 meter-long, one meter-wide tunnel
at the site. Thinking that it might be a terrorist plot of some
sort, the Gendarmerie hid near the tunnel to try to determine
who had dug it. They waited for 10 days and the day before
yesterday 5 people entered the tunnel to continue to excavate.

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Spielberg sent some extra stuff that he had lying around.

Using a generator for lighting, the five treasure hunters brought
various tools and fertilizer bombs with them. Caught red-handed,
the Gendarmerie took T.C., İ.B., M.S.Z., M.A.B. and M.B.
into custody. In their statements, the suspects explained that
they were searching for treasure. A map and a metal detector
for finding gold were in their possession.

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Harrison Ford trying to find Trabzon and Maçka on the map. 

The suspects said they have been digging for two months and
had to walk two kilometers to reach the excavation site. They
revealed that "the treasure of Queen Maria from Byzantine times
is buried here. That's why we're digging here." They were
charged with illegal treasure hunting and building and exploding

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