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Lonesome Candidate Forever the Optimist

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 24 October 2015)

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"The people are (NOT) in the street. I must follow them,
for I am their leader." (attributed to Robespierre, among
other rascals)

Citizens failed to show any interest in the meeting set up in
Karayolları Park by independent Mardin parliamentry candidate
Mehdi Sarıkaya.  Driving the election vehicle he decorated himself,
Sarıkaya arrived at the park and spoke for about half an hour.

But besides the police assigned to the event, there was noone listening.
Nevertheless, Sarıkaya paused during his speech while the muezzin
from a nearby mosque called the faithful to prayer. Facing journalists
after delivering his speech, Sarıkaya related that he is one of 11
siblings and that he has taught in schools in various provinces for
42 years.

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                    "You'll see..."

Sarıkaya explained that he became a candidate because of the blood
flowing in the region, adding that "thousands of people's hearts were
here but they didn't show up themselves. I didn't even invite my
relatives. Lots of people told me 'we'll come' but they didn't. I don't
know why they  didn't come. The community has been disuaded from
meetings. My goal is to get more votes than the two parties' total. I
started my election campaign 10 days ago and everyone thought I
was strange to do so. Now, though, everyone's waving at me. When
I go through the neighborhood they're offering me cakes, coffee and
drinks. There's a secret (!) flood of support for me, a storm in fact.
This will turn into votes, don't worry."

As Sarıkaya left the park in his election vehicle he waved at people
on the street.

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                           Mardin province

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