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Jailhouse Brew Puts Jailbirds in Hospital

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 10 October 2015)

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              What might have been...

Six convicts in the Sakarya L-type prison made alcohol from
grapes they hoarded from their meals over the course of a year
and were poisoned when the drank it.

Prisoners F.A., G.M., A.Y.M., S.K., E.K. and F.K. at the jail
in Ferizli district of Sakarya province began to collect the grapes
and bread they got with their meals about a year ago.  They
crushed the grapes and poured the juice into a plastic jerry can.
The bread was used for yeast.

Ferizli L-type prison. If you have to be here, drunk is better.

After waiting a year for the brew to ferment in the jerry can,
the six cohorts drank the concoction. All six fell ill on the evening
of 26 September and were brought to a hospital, complaining of
stomach pains and headaches. The promil levels of the convicts
ranged from 0.30 to 1.30.

In the statement they gave to prison officials, the six explained
that "we secretly collected the grape juice in a 5-liter can, added
the bread for yeast and put it in a dark place for a year.  Then we
drank the distilled alcohol."

Although the prison administration did not issue a statement
about the incident, measures have been taken against personnel
who may have been negligent.

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Ferizli district is up toward the Black Sea in Sakarya province.


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