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Aphrodite's Lure Still Irresistible

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 13 July 2016)

Kat karşılığı Afrodit heykeli
How does she keep that girlish figure after all these years!?

aphrodite Wikipedia info herewith.

Police determined that two building contractors from Izmir were
trying to sell historical items in Istanbul that had been illegally
removed from graves in the Ephesus region near Izmir.  Acting as
prospective buyers, the police took the contractors into custody. .

The contractors said they had exchanged a floor in one of their
buildings for the artifacts, one of which was a priceless 2,000
year-old statue of Aphrodite.  The police had got a tip that contractors
A.Ş. (50) and Y.Z. (44) obtained artifacts from the Roman period from
treasure hunters working at illegal excavations around Ephesus.

Image result for banu alkan afrodit dansı
Turkey's 'Afrodit' Banu Alkan with an admirer.

The police, pretending to be collectors, met with the contractors in
Kağıthane, Istanbul.  The contractors claimed to have the statue of
Aphrodite, 7 tear bottles, 2 wine vessels, 2 earthenware jars and a
glass painting sent as a grave gift for a princess, all from the Roman

Image result for kağıthane haritası
              Kağıthane district of Istanbul

The contractors wanted 1 million TL (about 350,000 USD) for the
loot and subsequently brought the artifacts to an agreed-upon
address to show the 'buyers'.  At this point the contractors were
taken into custody.  The artifacts were turned over to officials of the
Archeology Museum in Istanbul.

                   Ephesus, at the red dot.

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