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Dollar Bills Too Hot to Handle Anymore

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(Millyet Newspaper, 27 July 2016)

//ed. note: see TNT reporting of last week for more on this
fascinating USD angle to the failed coup.//

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One dollar bills: a pariah is born from a coup.

Children playing on the street in Meram district of Konya city
were given 7 envelopes, each containing 1 USD, by people
driving in a car with out-of-province license plates.   Parents
of the children who saw the dollars became concerned because
some soldiers and academicians involved in the coup attempt
by followeres of Fethullah Gülen on 15 July had US dollar bills
found on them.

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Coup mastermind Fethullah "Dollar Feto" Gülen, in college
days...near Pennsylvania.

Reacting to the parents' notification, police located and stopped
the vehicle in question near Antalya, with occupants Yasin Ç.
and Yasemin Ç. taken into custody.  During interrogation the
couple explained that they had attended a wedding a day earlier
and the dollars were left over from the celebration. They said
that when they saw the children on the street they decided to
hand out the dollars to them for spending money.

Police checked out the couple's story and it held up. They
were released after giving statements.

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                            Konya province

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