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Midnight Pool Party

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 31 July 2016)

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                          Die heathens!

An incident that resulted in a murder occurred in Istanbul's
Büyükçekmece district on 26 July when one resident took
exception to another's midnight pool party.

Aylin A. went into the apartment house pool with her husband
and friends sometime after midnight.  Because of the noise
they made, though, an argument erupted with another resident.
When Aylin A. and her friends returned to the pool at 4 AM
the argument heated up.

At this point, resident Ali D. phoned a couple of friends and
when they arrived one of them fired on the pool party, killing
Sabri Yılmaz.  Aylın A. and Yalçın B. were wounded.  The
attacker fled the scene in a white car.

Responding to the incident, police took resident Ali D. (49)
into custody and then captured his friends Murat M. (35),
Serkan G. (28) and Ömür K. (29).  all of whom have police
records.  Ali D., who put them up to the attack, has a record
for fraud and narcotics offences.

During their police interrogations all the suspects pointed
the finger at each other.  Subsequently Ali D., Murat M.,
and Serkan G. were jailed and the other suspects were
released pending trial.

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          Büyükçekmece district of Istanbul

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