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Grandfatherhood: A Cautionary Tale

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 2 July 2016)

Torununu öldüren dede yakalandı: '6 milyon lira harcadım'
                   Ali Cabbar and Cabbar Ali. 

Ali Cabbar Filik (74), killed his grandson Cabbar Ali Filik, who
was the son of the mayor of Yumurtalik district of Adana, Turkes
Filik, of the MHP party.  Grandpa Filik was caught while trying to
enter Georgia with a false ID on Wednesday.

Ali Cabbar Filik divorced his first wife but had no children with
his second wife so he began to look after Cabbar Ali Filik, one
of Turkes Filik's 5 children, at an early age. Grandpa Filik spoiled
his grandson, giving him anything and everything he wanted.

However, during one dispute over money the grandson stabbed his
grandfather 28 times, seriously injuring him.  Then, at 2 AM on
the night of 21 January 2013, a drunken Cabbar Ali came to his
grandfather's home and demanded money.  Ali Cabbar refused and
shot his grandson 7 times.

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          The wisdom of the elders...

Granpa Filik fled and had been at large since the day of the murder.
As he was apprehended Filik lamented that "I loved my grandson.
But he kept asking me for money and land.  The night of the incident
he had been drinking.  We argued and I shot him. I very much regret
killing my grandson who bore my name.  I wish I had given him
what he wanted. I've spent 6 million TL (about 2 million USD !)
trying not to get captured."

The ID Filik used to try to enter Georgia was that of someone else
who was wanted by the police.

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Yumurtalik district is on the Med coast.

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