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"Gimme Shelter", Cry the Parliamentarians

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 18 July 2016)

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        "Where are the Stratoloungers?!"

During the hours when the Turkish Parliament building was being
bombed on Friday night, the shortfalls of the related emergency plan
were exposed.  When the head of Parliamant and the representatives
could not reach the shelter it became clear that in a situation resembling
war the Parliament's precautions were severely lacking.

First off, as soon as news of the coup came, the parliamentarians who
came to the Parliament building could not get in because the key could
not be found.  But even once the key was found there were no technicians
around to turn on the lights and the sound system. So the lack of necessary
preparations for an emergency situation became clear.

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   The proper way to 'shelter-in-place'.

After the pariamentarians had gathered a bomb hit the Parliament and
police told the parliamentarians to head for the shelter, supposedly
ready for them in the building's basement.  However, when the reached
what they thought was the shelter, the door was locked and the key could
not be found (!).  Efforts to break through the door were unavailing.

A few phone calls were made and the key was found to open the door.
The parliamentarians were in for a shock, though.  The place they
expected to be their shelter had no tables or chairs. It was just a low-
ceilinged room that housed the pipes for the building's heating system.

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A leading parliamentarian told HaberTürk: "we thought the shelter
would have a place where we could hold a general council meeting.
There weren't even any tables or chairs so we sat on newspaper pages.
If there is a proper shelter no one could find it or maybe over the years
it was forgotten and built over.  Our first job is to find the shelter (!)
and then make sure it's outfitted properly."

Supposedly, the shelter was redone in 1998 (although noone seems to
know where it disappeared to!).

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                   ...in happier days.

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