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Filthy Living Saves a Baby's Life

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 10 July 2016)

Dad Lokman and neighbor-hero Zeliha hanım.

Ahmet Davulcu, 4 months-old, was kidnapped from his stroller
while his parents were in a store shopping in Bağcılar, Istanbul,
on the eve of the Ramazan holiday.  Police learned that Ahmet was
being kept in a home on Bülbül Street in the Pendik district of
Istanbul and the child was rescued as the result of the subsequent
police raid.

During the raid, kidnappers Mehmet Vaykı (36) and his daughters
Nazan Vaykı (21) and H. Vaykı (16) were taken into custody.  At
the same time, neighbor Zeliha Elçi was washing her face in her
bathroom when she heard little Ahmet's voice coming from the
bottom of an air shaft.  Elçi informed the police, who then broke
through the wall of the shaft on the ground floor to save Ahmet.

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After rescue, Ahmet deadpaned "I was never worried."

It turned out that as police crashed through the door of the Vaykı
family's apartment, Nazan Vaykı threw Ahmet through a
window in the bathroom into the air shaft.  Fortunately (!), the
accumulated refuse and debris at the bottom of the shaft cushioned
Ahmet's 12-meter free-fall and he survived with just some scratches.

  Bağcılar (A) and Pendik districts of Istanbul.


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