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Light at the End of the Tunnels: 2018

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 18 July 2016)

Demiryolu tüp geçidinde çalışmalara hız veriliyor...
             Coup or no coup, dig we must!

Efforts to build two 10,400-meter rail tube tunnels between Bahçe
district in Osmaniye province and Gaziantep's Nurdağı district
have accelerated with the introduction of a tunnel-digging machine.
The railroad tunnels will be the longest in Turkey.

When TCDD (Turkish Railways) finishes the project, called the
Bahçe-Nurdağı Variant and Rail Tunnel Pass for the Adana- Gaziantep-
Maltaya conventional railway, the existing rail line will be shortened
by 17 kilometers.  Hasan Çatlakkay, chief of the contracting firm
building the tunnels, said that so far they have progressed 590 and
560 meters, respectively, in the two tunnels that will ultimately reach
10,400 meters in length.

Bahçe-Nurdağı RR tunnel project is in 6th TCDD region, between 
Adana and Gaziantep.

The tunnel-digging machine was introduced into the project in February.
The machine both digs and places the cement segments for each tunnel.
Each day the work progresses about 10 meters.  Çatlakkay noted that
the geography and geology of the Bahçe-Nurdağı region is among the
most difficult in Turkey.  In addition, the region sits on the Southeast
Turkey earthquake fault line.

The cost of the project is 193,253,000 TL (about 70 million USD) and
the expected completion date is December 2018.  Work continues
around the clock, employing 20 technical personnel and 200 laborers.

                Bahçe-Nurdağı link in red.

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