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Revolution in Turkey! (re: Plastic Footwear)

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 15 July 2016)

Kara lastiklere renk geldi
          The Calvin Kleinoğlu collection.

The plastic shoes preferred by citizens who live in the rural areas
and work in the fields and orchards now come in colors. Since up
to now these shoes only came in black they were referred to as
'black rubber' by people.

Now, though, the shoes can be obtained  with flower, leapard and
dotted styles and in various colors. But not only field workers have
been attracted to the new plastic shoe fashions, foreign tourists
have been, as well.

Image result for darbe asker sahneleri
Yesterday's coup plotters punished by having their boots removed.
They've been issued the newly styled and colored plastic shoes for

Hamza Çepniler, who sells the shoes in Samsun, said that "these
used to be made only in black.  With the new styles and colors
they're becoming more popular."

Image result for samsun haritası
                            Samsun province

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