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Coup Tools: The Last Ship, Clash of Kings

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 29 July 2016)

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                      Clash of the Sultans

In the course of the investigation into the coup plot forged by
the Fethullahçı Terror Organization (FETÖ) within the Turkish
Armed Forces, it has been learned that the organization members
wrote to each other via a computer game.  This development
brought to mind the TV series 'The Last Ship'.

FETÖ's secret communications tools have become known thanks
to the inquiry begun after the 15 July coup attempt.  It has been
determined that the coup-plotters communicated via the Chinese
QQ.com network and WhatsApp.  They also used the computer
game Clash of Kings to talk to each other.

The judgement is that the coup gang was inspired by the TV
series 'The Last Ship', which was on the air in 2014.  The series
starred Eric Dane, Rhona Mitra and Adam Baldwin and centers
on the spread of a virus from Egypt that has wiped out 80% of
human life.  The vaccine to save the world is on the ship.

However, there is group of people who have been immune from
the effects of the virus since birth (FETÖcu's) and they want to
seize the vaccine and destroy it.  The group has all sorts of
weapons available and they communicate with each other
secretly via internet games.

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                 Good advice these days.

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