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Ottoman Graveyard Shift for Maltese Pump Jockeys

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 8 June 2016)

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In the era before gas stations beautified the landscape.

The historic Ottoman cemetery in the Marsa region of Malta
is facing a danger from a gas station-car wash construction project.
The cemetery is protected by Maltese laws as a 1st degree historic
site but local Maltese architects fear that the gas station will harm
the cemetery because there is no buffer area between the two.

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Maltese gas station design, in keeping with the historic motif.

Ottoman Sultan Abdülaziz had the cemetery built in 1873 and it
was designed by Maltese architect Emmanuele Luigi Galizia.
Maltese government officials have demanded specifics about the
gas station-car wash project from the building firm and will (! -
better late than never) evaluate the environmental impact of the project.

//ed. note: the Ottoman Turks seized some of the islands near the
main island of the Malta group in 1565 but never occupied Malta
itself.  During the British occupation of Istanbul after WW I, 
Turkish officials, soldiers and writers were exiled to Malta. On
1 November 1921 the exiles were exchanged for British POWs
held in Anatolia by the Turkish independence forces, at Inebolu 
on the Black Sea coast.//

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