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Love Story

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 30 July 2016)

     The happy couple's short-lived happiness.

Vildan D. came to Fesleğen village in Niğde for a summer visit but
on the evening of 25 July, as she went to the store with her cousin, she
was allegedly forceably bundled into a car by Hasan B. and two others.

Gendarmerie teams put the village under a blockade, keeping a 24-hour
watch on all entrances and exits.  It was determined that Zekeriya
Dalkılıç and Kadir Soyer had helped Hasan B. to kidnap Vildan hanım
and they were taken into custody the day before yesterday.

As for Hasan B., he announced on social media that "everyone should
just shut up. We're happy. I don't see what the problem is. You can be
sure that when this is all over I'll have a talk with those who have
insulted me."  Hasan B. also posted a photo of himself and Vildan,
arm in arm and looking very happy.

Image result for vildan yatağın altında çıktı
                 "Who has some Advil?"

A 40-person team was assembled to find Vildan and a detailed search
was made of Fesleğen, Tepeköy, Karanlıkdere, Okçu, Ballı Köy villages
and the neighboring mountain pastures.  Technical surveilance determined
that Hasan B. was in Tepeköy, in Bor district, with Vildan, staying
as the home of his sister.

When the Gendarmerie searched the home they found Hasan B. and
Vildan hiding under a bed.  The couple was taken to Niğde State
Hospital for a health check   There, Vildan's relatives attacked and
roughed up Hasan B.

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                 Niğde province

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