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Pokemon GO: Mosque are No-GO Zones

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 14 July 2016)

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"Negative reaction from Diyanet-Sen about Pokemon GO."

When the virtual game Pokemon GO trespassed on mosque grounds
a negative reaction ensued. Pokemon hunters' forays to mosques have
shown up on social media.  Some users have tweeted humorous things
such as "as far as I can tell, Pokemon GO is motivating our youth to
go to mosques and say prayers." and "there's an historic mosque
across from my house where there are Pokemon GO balls every 5
minutes.  My house has gone up in value!"

However, Mehmet Bayraktutar, the head of the Diyanet-Sen union
of religious workers, said angrily that "this belittles the most
beautiful house of worship in the Islamic religion. People are
making light of the importance of mosques."  Bayraktutar added
that treating mosques like a playhouse is against the Islamic religion
and could be perceived as a Western plot - "I condemn it and I
want it prohibited in Turkey."

On the other hand, theology professor Abdülaziz Bayındır mused
that even though mosques are places to worship God, they could
also be places for social activities.  Nevertheless, Prof. Bayındır
admonished that "this activity (Pokemon GO) is a waste of people's
time, which is anyone's most valuable possession.  You can get back
anything else, but not time.  So we have to look at the activity as
a time-wasting one."

Continuing, Prof. Bayındır stated that "it's very unbecoming for
someone to go into a mosque and find Pokemon, but even worse
is the time that's being wasted.  We have to prevent such things
from happening."

The Health Ministry also weighed in on the matter, tweeting that
"we don't recommend that people go Pokemon hunting between
1100 and 1600 hours because of the hot sun."  

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