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Inheritance Dispute Remedy: No Survivors

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 7 July 2016)

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        A case of M.B. on M.B. violence.

An inheritance dispute turned into a massacre in Altınordu district
of Ordu province.  M.B. got into an argument with his older brother
M.B. (!) over bequests and shot dead M.B. (the elder), his wife and
3 children.  After that, M.B. (the younger) committed suicide.

The incident occurred last night in the Yaraşlı neighborhood.
Reportedly, M.B. (the younger) went to pay a holiday visit to M.B.
(the elder) and his family, on the occasion of the post-Ramazan
feast.  (Perhaps inevitably) The two brothers got into an argument
about the long-running inheritance issue and M.B. (the younger)
ended up killing his elder brother and his family with a hunting rifle. ,
M.B. (the younger) then used the same weapon to kill himself. The
Gendarmerie has begun an investigation and increased security
measures in the neighborhood in the wake of the incident.

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Altınordu (the namesake, which no doubt had
its share of nettlesome inheritance disputes,
probably settled in much the same way.)

Image result for altınordu haritası
 Altınordu on the Black Sea (the scene of the crime).

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