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Lady Cabbie Hosts 'Coup Baby'

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 20 July 2016)

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                     "We deliver."

While all of Turkey was in the throes of the coup attempt on 15
July, an incredible story unfolded in Istanbul.  While tanks closed
off the Bosphorus Bridge, shots filled the streets and jets flew low,
Suna Demir (19) of Ataşehir went into labor.

Suna got into a taxi and headed for the hospital but the driver soon
realized that the bridge road was paralyzed with traffic,  The driver,
Reyan Soylu (45), called out to fellow stranded drivers for a doctor
and, miraculously, Dr. Mehmet Celik, an anesthesiologist heading to
work in Şişli, volunteered to help.

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My goodness! How quickly they grow (uh, that's coup baby's 
older sister.)

A few minutes later the newborn baby was in her mother's arms in
the back of the taxi.  Taxi driver Reyhan hanım related that "as we
moved toward the bridge I saw that it was closed.  The mother's
husband and the police tried to help me move ahead but it wasn't
possible.  Then the doctor appeared, put the mother on her back
on the rear seat and 5 or 10 minutes later I saw the baby."

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                  The star of the show.

As for mother Suna, she explained that "we didn't know anything
about the coup attempt.  When we found out that the bridge was
closed I got scared but when my daughter was in my arms I was
happy. We wanted to name her Yaprak but we're going to name
her after the taxi driver Reyhan."

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   The birth control method that didn't work.

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