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Cheating Death: Despite 'Friends', Thanks to Physics

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 26 July 2016)

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   First job after recovery: make new friends.

In Eskişehir, İlhan Yıldıztepe (52)  went hiking in a rocky region
but became stranded when his two artificial legs broke (!).  He
was rescued 3 days later by teams from AFAD (Disaster and
Emergency Situation Directorate) and AKUT (Search & Rescue

Yıldıztepe was hiking with 3 friends on 21 July in the Makaralı
Valley Cenevir Fortress area when both of his prosthesis legs,
attached below his knees, broke.  His 'friends' left Yıldıztepe
with a day's worth of food and water, stranding him alone among
the rocks (!).

The day before yesterday in the afternoon some passing villagers
heard Yıldıztepe's cries and informed the Gendarmerie, which
summoned the 13-person AFAD and AKUT teams.  Yıldıztepe
was then lowered on a stretcher to safety and is recovering in a
hospital. He said that his 3 friends left him with enough food
and water for one day but that he has been hungry and thirsty
for the past two days.

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Makaralı Valley is near Eskişehir city (Tepebaşı-Odunpazarı).

türkçe  links to original Turkish article

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 26 July 2016)

Akıma kapılan genç toprağa gömülerek kurtarıldı
   Now here's a young man who is grounded.

Hüseyin Çolak, who lives in the Kınık neighborhood of Kaş district,
Antalya province, was electrocuted by a cable in his home last
night.  Çolak's relatives were able to separate him from the cable
and then quickly took the trembling, purple-colored youth into the
garden, placed him on the ground and covered him with soil.

As a result, the electricity gradually left Çolak's body.  A rescue
unit was called but when the team arrived the young man's good
condition allowed them to leave without further ado.

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