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For a Coup Dollars More

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 23 July 2016)

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Within the scope of the FETO/YPG (coup plotters) investigation
being conducted by the Kocaeli public prosecutor, one of the aspects
that has drawn attention is that some of the arrested soldiers and
businessmen have had US one dollar bills found on them.

The serial numbers of the bills begin with the letters 'F', 'C' and 'J'.
It has been learned that the dollars were given to the FETO group
members by leader Fethullah Gülen as good-luck charms.  Also,
the serial number letters categorize the seniority of the members,
with the 'F' dollars being given to the seniormost of them.

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  Coup mastermind Fethullah Gülen

In the event that the coup might not succeed, a 'divorce fatwa' was
issued by Gülen, ordering members to divorce their wives so that
no harm would come to them and the children. Conversely, the coup
-plotters made ready for success by changing Turkish Lira into USD,
since the post-coup value of the dollar would likely rise dramatically
against the lira.  In a search conducted in the Turkish General Staff
HQS in Ankara after the coup was foiled, large amounts of USD were

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                          Kocaeli province

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