15 Temmuz 2016 Cuma

Turk Cat-Sitter Caught Sex-Napping in NY

türkçe for detailed video coverage of this incident see this link.

(Sözcü Newspaper, 15 July 2016)

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    Felix has a ringside seat for the festivities.

An interesting (!) incident occurred in New York City in May. Audrey
Yang, who lives in the Forest Hills section, went to Austria on a 3-week
vacation and made arrangements with a local company to watch after her
cat. The company's personnel were to come to Audrey's home each day
at 3 PM to tend to the animal.

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               Ahmet explains: "What?"

Prior to going on vacation Audrey had cameras installed in her home
to detect unwanted activity.  When she viewed the camera feed from
Austria, though, Audrey went into shock because Ahmet Öztürk, one
of the cat-sitting company's partners, could be seen engaged in sexual
activity with a woman on Audrey's couch  and carpet.

Audrey alerted her neighbor to Ahmet's activity and both he and the
girlfriend were chased out of the house. After getting cleaning expenses
from Öztürk, Audrey decided not to press charges. Explaining the
incident afterwards, Öztürk said "I gave in to my passion. I'm very

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                           Audrey's upset!

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