9 Temmuz 2016 Cumartesi

Communication & Migration Edition

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 9 July 2016)

Bayramlaşmak için tepelere çıkıyorlar
                 Open-air internet cafe.

In Çiçekli village, 30 kilometers from the provincial capital
in Muş province, people living there had to trek 1.5 kilometers
to a hilltop to be able to communicate with relatives during the
recent Ramazan holiday because of a cellphone network shortfall.
There, villagers sat atop a water tank in order to tap into the
cellphone network.

Young people spend nights on the hilltop in order to stay on
social media with their friends elsewhere.  Village Chief
Saadettin Sağın lamented the lack of cellphone coverage in
villages like his, saying that "our youngsters spend half the
night on the hill just to be able to use social media.  The GSM
companies have to find a solution for this."

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                             Muş province

//original Turkish article unavailable.//

(Sözcü Newspaper, 9 July 2016)

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"Only three of us now, but with 800,000 Turks..."

While the debate rages over whether to give Syrian refugees
Turkish citizenship, our own citizens are looking for someplace
else to go.  Turks are at the head of the list of people who have
applied for citizenship in "Liberland", a 'country' established by
a Czech citizen on the border between Croatia and Serbia.

Istanbul CHP parliamentarian Gürsel Tekin announced this
development, asserting that 800,000 Turks (!) have applied for
citizenship in the 7 square-kilometer nation.  Commenting,
Tekin stated that "this speaks to a citizen's plight - they're asking
for citizenship in a country that, as yet, exists only on paper.
Turkey can't even hold on to its own citizens. See, this is the
new Turkey the AKP (ruling party) has created."
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