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Afghan Warlord Boosts Istanbul Health Tourism

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(Aydınlık Newspaper, 12 February 2017)

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                  Ahhh, the good old days...

Hizb-i İslami Party leader Gülbeddin Hikmetyar, who at one time
became a topic of interest in Turkey because of a mid-1980s
photograph of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan seated at his knee, is said to
be in an Istanbul hospital right now.  Intelligence sources say that
Hikmetyar, who is ill, was brought to Turkey from Afghanistan in
an air ambulance dispatched from here at the end of December.

According to information provided to Aydınlık by intelligence sources,
President Erdoğan gave the order for Hikmetyar to be brought to
Turkey by the MİT (Turkish National Intelligence Organization).
Hikmetyar fought with American support in the 1980s against the
Russians but he was put on the United Nations' terrorist list  because
of his aid to Al Qaida.

As the result of an agreement between the Afghan government and
Hikmetyar, last week UN sanctions against Hikmetyar were lifted
and he was taken off the terrorist list.  Without saying where
Hikmetyar is now, Hizb-i İslami Party spokesman Haşmatullah Erşad
told the Anatolian News Agency the day before yesterday  that he
would return to Afghanistan within three weeks and a week after
that Hikmetyar would travel to Kabul.

Intelligence sources told Aydınlık that the U.S. is aware that
Hikmetyar has been brought to Turkey and that the U.S. and Turkey
will use Hikmetyar in Afghanistan's re-formation process.

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