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The Ultimate Financial 'Solution'

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 16 February 2017)

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Sort of like a science fair project, only it's science-free.

In Istanbul, businessman Salih L. was hoodwinked by three Africans
with a technique straight out of comedy films.  A week ago Salih L.
sought help from police and explained what happened to him: he
got a call on his cellphone from 'foreign businessmen' who said they
"wanted to invest in Turkey."

Salih L. met with the 'businessmen' at a luxury hotel where they
explained to him that they could convert paper cut to dollar size to
U.S. dollars with a special liquid 'solution' (!).  At their second meeting,
the 'businessmen' put some white powder on black paper and then
spread a 'solution' on the paper.  A U.S. dollar appeared.

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             African financial experts. 

A sceptical Salih L. took the dollar bill to a currency exchange
bureau and learned that the dollar was indeed genuine.  At the third
meeting with the 'businessmen' they told a now-convinced Salih L.
that they had enough paper to make 2.5 million worth of U.S. dollars.
The 'businessmen', however, needed money to buy more of the
'solution' so Salih L. gave them 100, 000 TL (about 25,000 USD).

When the U.S. dollars never appeared Salih L. went to the police,
who set a trap for the African 'businessmen'.  Salih L. arranged to
meet with them to hand over the money for the 'solution'.  At the
hotel Congolese Siyadje Y. and Camaroonians Babiah A. and
Asoum H. were apprehended with the 'solution', black paper and
their 'dollar conversion' machine.  The suspects were subsequently
released pending judicial action.

suckers see this TNT report about a similar incident last year.

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