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Model Suffers Denial of Service

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 9 February 2017)

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Why aren't the offers coming?! Don't hate me because I'm

According to claims in a court case being adjudicated in Istanbul,
model Gizem Özdilli closed her GSM telephone line 10 years ago.
When the GSM company re-issued the phone line in 2013, Volkan A.
of Izmir purchased it.

Volkan A. began using Özdilli's old phone number and started calling
television programs and producers, identifying himself as her manager
and saying that Özdilli would not appear on their programs (!).  On
a TV program that Özdilli did appear on she learned that her old phone
number was active.  Pretending to be a producer, she called Volkan A.
and when she was told that 'Özdilli' would not appear on the program
she was offering Özdilli filed a criminal complaint against Volkan A.

In the court case heard the day before yesterday, Volkan A. explained
that "I gave these funny responses to callers as a joke for my friends.
If I had known that it was about Gizem hanım I wouldn't have done it.
I apologize to her."

The court ruled that Volkan A.'s actions did not constitute a crime and
he was acquitted.  As for Gizem hanım, she said "I'll appeal this and
file another suit! If the GSM company is to blame I'll file suit against
them, too!"

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             Static on the İzmir-İstanbul line.

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