13 Şubat 2017 Pazartesi

Innocent Victims Edition

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 12 February 2017)

Sünnet kasedi kurtardı
 Dollar photo serves as dad's get-out-of-jail pass.

In Izmir, a search was conducted within the scope of  the FETÖ
(Fethullah Gülen Terror Organization) investigation at the workplace
of accountant E.D.  When a U.S. dollar was found in his drawer, E.D.
was taken into custody because one dollar bills were being used by
FETÖ members as a form of ID.

E.D. tried to explain that the money had been thrown during his son's
circumcision celebration.  Ultimately, E.D. was able to show the
public prosecutor a photograph of the one dollar bill from the
circumcision event which was the same one found in his drawer
As a result, E.D. was released from jail after spending 103 days there. (!)

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              I wonder what he's praying for...


türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Milliyet Newspaper, 13 February 2017)

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Dangerous for residents, just right for thieves.

In Bahçelievler, Istanbul, the residents of the Nur Apartment on 16th
Street in the Şirinevler neighborhood were forced to evacuate their
apartments in a hurry last Friday night because construction work in
the lot next to their building had made their structure too dangerous
to live in.

The residents rushed from their homes leaving all their belongings
behind as the building was sealed by Bahçelievler municipal authorities.
However, the night before last the residents saw that the seal had been
broken and when they checked their homes they found to their dismay
that they had all been robbed.

Thinking that this could not have been a coincidence, residents Selçuk
and Öznur Yavaş noted that "we informed the police about the robbery
but they said that since the building was sealed they couldn't do
anything (!).  They didn't even do an investigation.  The thieves removed
the seal."  The Yavaş couple lost all their jewelry and their 10 month-old
baby's toys, not to mention meat in the refrigerator and even the sink

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              Bahçelievler district, Istanbul

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