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Serial Suicidist Fails Again

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 7 February 2017)

Urfa'da Eylem Yapan Seyyar Satıcıyı Müzakereci Polis İkna Etti
He couldn't cut his toe nails with that 'knife', let alone commit 

In Şanlıurfa, street seller Abdülmecit Çankı (37) chained himself to
a tree and threatened to kill himself with a plastic knife because his
sales stand was seized by police.  After failing to convince Abdülmecit
to desist, police used the 'Nuri Alço method', famous in some old
Turkish films, to resolve the matter.

Image result for nuri alço
   Nuri Alço checks her after-cocktail pulse.

A thirsty Abdülmecit was given a drink that had been doctored by
police so that he passed out.   The father of 3 children was taken under
treatment and the crowd that gathered was dispersed by police with
pepper spray (!).

Urfa’da intihar girişimi
Çankı's unsuccessful suicide attempt in January drew a crowd
then, too. He'll please the crowd sooner or later.

Image result for şanlıurfa haritası
                  Şanlıurfa province

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