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Twitter-happy Ankara Mayor's Earthquake Conspiracy Theory

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 7 February 2017)

Melih Gökçekten Çanakkale depremi için olay iddia
                                He's all thumbs.

Ankara Mayor Melih Gökçek has claimed that the earthquake
that occurred in Çanakkale yesterday was produced by 'foreign powers'
intent on striking a blow against the Turkish government.  He called
on the authorities, in particular the Turkish armed forces, to take
measures in the Aegean Sea.

Gökçek's twitter post read as follows: "There was a serious earthquake
in Çanakkale today.  I looked into it and there's a ship in the area
conducting seismic research.  The nature of this research and the
nationality of the ship must be determined quickly.  Regardless of
what anyone says, I am concerned that earthquakes can be produced

Image result for trump twitter
Twitter Battle of the Titans.  He says "bring it on, Melih Bey!"

"This should certainly be looked into and the public made aware of
the results. If you learn about Tesla then you'll better understand
what we're saying.  If you'll recall, in August on TV I said that FETÖ
(Fethullah Gülen Terror Organization) would produce an earthquake
to announce the coming of the Mehdi (messiah).  By saying it, though,
we foiled their game then.  Now the blow being aimed at Turkey is
an earthquake in the Istanbul area to throw Turkey in economic

"I don't care if some people make fun of it. I'm taking it seriously.
All submarines and heavily-outfitted ships in the Istanbul, Marmara
and Çanakkale region should be checked out."

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Fethullah Gülen at his Saylorsburg Earthquake Producing
HQS yesterday, looking very pleased. Coincidence?

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