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Selcuk Inscription in Jerusalem Remains Hidden

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 14 February 2017)

920 yıldır gizlenen  Türk kitabesi
Nice work, although there should be a comma after 'Melikşah' in 
line three.

Culture and Tourism Minister Nabi Avcı has been the first Turkish
minister to visit Israel since the Mavi Marmara incident and his
visit coincided with an interesting historical matter:  Turkish researcher
Dr. Mehmet Tütüncü revealed the existence of a Selcuk inscription that
had remained hidden for more than 920 years in the Al Aksa Mosque in

Tütüncü obtained a photograph of the 4-line Turkish Selcuk inscription
that was hidden in the 'Mihrab-ı Zekeriya' portion of the Al Aksa
Mosque's western wall.  The photo was taken during restoration work
in 2006-2007.  According to Tütüncü, the director of the Jerusalem
Islamic Museum, Khader Salameh, took the picture after the inscription
was found behind a piece of marble in the course of the restoration work.

Tütüncü added, though, that Director Salameh has kept the inscription
hidden since its discovery, rather than display it.  Tütüncü called for
the Turkish Foreign and Culture Ministries to take up the matter of this
treasure from Selcuk times, saying it was the only cultural heritage
remaining in Jerusalem from the period of Selcuk administration of
the area.  The names of Selcuk Sultan Melikşah and his brother Tutuş,
the King of Syria, are written in the inscription.

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