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Puppy's Rescue: Humanity the Big Winner

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 16 February 2017)

‘Kuyu’dan iyi haber geldi
                    All's well that ends well.

In Beykoz, Istanbul, a Kangal-breed puppy that fell into a 30-centimeter
diameter, 61 meter-deep well has been rescued.  The 3 month-old puppy
was stuck at the bottom of the well for 13 days.

A 30-person team made up of volunteers from the Istanbul Fire Department,
Istanbul Water Works (İSKİ), Turkey Coal Miners Management (TTK) and
AFAD (disaster relief) brought the dog to the surface yesterday morning at
6 AM.  Because the Kangal breed grows so quickly a few days more in the
well might have made it impossible to raise the animal to the surface through
the narrow well.

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Kuyu won't miss his old home.

The puppy, named 'Kuyu' (well !), was adopted by the Beykoz Fire
Department.  Veterinarian Inal Günay of the Istanbul Animal Hospital,
explained that "the animal is growing very fast. We think it's about 3-4
months old.  With food it could have lasted in the well for another 15 days
but water was even more important.  The narrowness of the well posed a
risk as the dog grew bigger so we had to act fast.  A few days longer and
the animal would have been too big to rescue and would have died in the

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           A 'feel good' moment for all.

Nuri Coşkun, another veterinarian, said that Kuyu's health was good despite
his ordeal and that his weight is 14.5 kilograms (!).  The rescue was
accomplished with a pneumatic device developed by firefighters, according
to Fire Chief Mehmet Emin Koçak: "we put his mother's and brother's
scent on a cloth for Kuyu to smell.  After we figured out what might scare
the animal and what would attract him, we conducted a very professional
rescue operation with AFAD and TTK.  On the end of the apparatus was a
lasso which snared Kuyu and let us lift him to the surface."

‘Kuyu’dan iyi haber geldi
        Appropriate technology

Firefighter Veysel Sivri, who made the apparatus, related the details of
the rescue: "Although our shift had ended, my friend and I decided  to
press on, saying 'this ends tonight!'  The night-vision camera on the tool
can look right and left.  In the early morning hours we cornered Kuyu
and put the lasso around his neck, successfully lifting him to the surface.
We're very happy we saved a healthy Kuyu."

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