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Diehard Fans Caught Napping

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 8 February 2017)

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Onur C. making the Beşiktaş 'eagle claws' gesture...before he 
fell asleep.

Two fanatical Beşiktaş football fans climed the wall of Beşiktaş's
stadium in downtown Istanbul because they couldn't get tickets for
a crucial match between their team and crosstown rival Fenerbahçe.
Onur C. (23) and Süleyman T. (17) sparked a frantic search by Istanbul
police, on high alert because of a recent deadly attack near the stadium.

At around 2300 on Saturday night the two fans made their plan to get
into the stadium.  Hours later, at 4 AM on Sunday morning, they climbed
over the stadium wall and found a place to hide under a tarpaulin in one
of the stadium corridors.  Thinking they would hide until gametime, the
two fans fell fast asleep.

However, stadium guards had noted the two fans' entry and called police.
Because of a vicious attack that killed 45 policemen near the stadium
two months ago, the police were on high alert.  After 4 hours of searching
police found Onur and Süleyman sleeping under the tarpaulin and took
them to the police station.

An inquiry was started into the incident, based on 'entry into a prohibited
area', as designated in the 'Law Regarding Sports and the Prevention of
Violence'.  In his statement Onur explained that "I'm a fanatical Beşiktaş
fan.  We thought we'd do something crazy to get into the match but we
ended up at the police station all day instead.  We didn't see the match
and Fenerbahçe won anyway."

Onur and Süleyman were released conditionally.

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