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Very Bad Cop, Very Good Cop

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 8 February 2017)

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                  Dirty Urban Copboy

In a drug operation conducted in Istanbul police official Ö. C. has been
taken into custody.  The operation that reached Ö. C. began with a tip
about a shipment of synthetic drugs to Japan through Turkey by a drug
baron known as "Iranian Ali".  Subsequently, information was obtained
about the courier who would take the drugs, produced in Iran, to Japan.

In an operation at Atatürk Airport in Istanbul police took an Israeli woman,
said to be the courier, into custody.   No drugs were found on the Israeli
woman but she was arrested based on her ties to the drug ring.  She then
told police about a house in the Başakşehir section of Istanbul, which was
raided and an amount of synthetic drugs was recovered by police.  Also
found were materials used for making fake passports and 3 Iranians were
taken into custody.

As the police investigation continued, an interesting detail came to light -
the name of police official Ö.C. was on the rental agreement for the house
in Başakşehir.  This led to Ö.C.'s arrest but he was later released by the
court in Bakırköy, with the stipulation that he not leave the country.  Ö.C.
has also been suspended from the police force, with Police Chief Mustafa
Çalışkan asserting that "even if your brother commits a crime, he will be

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türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Sözcü Newspaper, 8 February 2017)

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   Cop takes punch but saves puncher from mob.                

The incident occurred at the intersection in front of the Şişli Municipal
Building, in Istanbul the day before yesterday.  Two drivers got into an
argument and a passing police team came to intervene.  One of the drivers,
though, shouted at the police officer "leave us alone!" and punched the

Citizen onlookers who saw the driver hit the policeman wanted to lynch
the attacker but the same officer who took the punch protected the
attacker from the mob.  Nevertheless, the agitated driver had to be sprayed
with pepper gas before he could be taken into custody.

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The oddly-shaped Şişli district of Istanbul -


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