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Killer Crashes Big Dinner Party

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 20 February 2017)

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  The opposite of 'take-out' delivery service.

In Osmangazi district of Bursa province, a remarkable incident
occurred yesterday.  In the evening hours in the Alemdar neighborhood,
a vehicle plowed into a famous 'köfte' (meatball) restaurant at high
speed.  Firefighters and ambulances, along with AFAD and UMKE
(disaster response teams), rushed to the scene.  Nine people, two of them
seriously injured, were taken to hospitals.

But the details of the incident emerged in the hours afterwards when
the identity of the driver became known.  Just before the crash at the
restaurant, a dead gunshot victim, one Gürbüz Kömür, had been found
in a vacant lot in the Demirtaş neighborhood of Osmangazi.

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Giving new meaning to 'drive-thru'. McDonalds take note.

After the murder, the suspect in the killing, Okan Aksu (30) hijacked a
vehicle belonging to  Yusuf Ay (45), who was coming from the wedding
of a relative.  After shooting Ay three times, Aksu fled in Ay's vechicle
along Istanbul Avenue until he lost control and crashed into the restaurant.
Aksu was taken to Yüksek İhtisas Training and Research Hospital for
treatment before being taken into custody.

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Suspect Aksu laments ralphing down that last meatball.

Security cameras at the restaurant showed the moment Aksu crashed
into the establishment, turning it into a battlefield in an instant. As
waiters and customers sought refuge, the vehicle hit a column in the
buiding, preventing a tragedy  for the 120 people dining at the time.

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Osmangazi district is in NE Bursa province.

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