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Photoshop Grade Inflation Ultimately Deflates

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 2 February 2017)

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She also got a new bike from her parents. Has to give it back :(

In Ankara, Ayşe S., born in 1987, falsified documents a year ago
to get herself hired.  By 'photoshopping' her documents Ayşe S.
increased her YDS score from 51 to 93 and her KPSS score from
70 to 97.8, enabling her to get a job as a deputy expert (!) at the
Ministry of Health.

With her 97.8 score on the "Turkey Medicine and Medical
Equipment Assistant Inspector" test, Ayşe hanım was at the head
of the list of candidates.  She had graduated from a private university,
majoring in health institution management, and began working at
the Health Ministry in September 2015.

However, a tip to the Ministry revealed that Ayşe hanım had
falsified her test scores.  As the result of the subsequent investigation,
Ayşe hanım was let go in September 2016 but the public prosecutor
then opened a criminal inquiry.  Her scores were requested from
ÖSYM (Turkey's testing authority) and the truth came out.

After being taken into custody, Ayşe hanım at first denied the charges.
Following questioning by Judge Sezer Söylemez, though, she admitted
her guilt.  In her statement, Ayşe hanım explained that "when I applied
for the job I provided my 2014 KPSS and 2013 YDS scores after I'd
changed them on my computer in the PDF format.  I went to an
internet café in Kızılay (Ankara) and printed them in color.  Then I went
to the interview and got the job. Someone, I don't know who, turned me
in though.  I'm sorry and I'll do whatever's necessary to remedy the
situation but I don't want to go to jail."

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                   Ankara province

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