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Migration Was Never So Comfy!

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Sözcü Newspaper, 1 February 2017)

falcons see recent TNT reporting on Qatari falconeers in Pakistan.

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In-flight movie? Hitchcock's 'The Birds', of course.

A Saudi prince of the royal Saudi family, famous for their extravagances,
has hired a plane to take his 80 falcons to Pakistan.  The plane, said to be
operated by a Turkish firm, took the falcons from Tabuk in Saudi Arabia
to Karachi, Pakistan, for the prince's hunting party.

Besides the birds, there were 100 of the prince's aids on the flight.  The
prince himself, though, flew on another airplane. The falcons, which wore
masks during the trip, were perched on the seats in economy class, at a
cost of between 115 and 650 USD  per seat.

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