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Two Turks Get in Trouble in America

turkce links to original Turkish article

(Hurriyet Newspaper, 31 July 2014)

//ed note: interestingly (or not) today's heroes
have names that relate to Turkish Prime Minsters.
Tansu Ciller was Turkey's first and only woman PM
in the 1990's. And of course, the current PM Recep
Tayyip Erdogan reigns today. Our research so far
has not turned up any evidence of familial relations
between our blog heroes and the PM's. //

    Turkish locksmith Tansu K.

In the USA, locksmith Tansu K. was chasing a customer
who failed to pay him when he struck and killed two girls.
The incident occurred near Atlanta in the U.S. state of
Georgia on 25 May.

Tansu K. had helped resolve the problem of one Garrett
Anderson (23), who had lost his car key, but Anderson
absconded without paying Tansu K. the $175 dollar fee.
Tansu K. pursued Anderson in his minivan at high speed
and hit three girls who were walking to the movies. Two
of the girls, Reina As-Salaam (15) and Juliana Ferrel (16)
died at the hospital.

   Absconder Garrett Anderson

Police captured the Turkish youth and Anderson. Tansu
K.'s mother stated that she could not obtain any information
from her son.  

turkce links to original Turkish article

(Hurriyet Newspaper, 1 August 2014)
O Türk'ü yakaladılar
Hurriyet's perhaps overly dramatic story photo.

Undercover agents in the city of Orlando in the USA have
broken up a hacker gang after 4 years of surveillance. The
leader of the group was Chad Warner. The gang passed credit
card infomation it seized from computers to Turkish hacker
Alper Erdogan (35) who then passed the data on to other
swindlers around America.  The court sentenced Erdogan
to 9 years 4 months in prison and fined him $1.1 million.

          Alper Erdogan

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