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Ax Killer to Cops: "What Took You So Long?"

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(HaberTurk Newspaper, 17 April 2015)

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"What took you so long?" (representative photograph)

Sebahattin Gercik was working as a night watchman at a
shuttered gas station in Silivri, Istanbul, when an argument
erupted between him and Serkan Uygur (42), who had come
to pay him a visit.  Gercik ended the argument by whacking
Uygur over the head with an ax numerous times.

Gercik sat by the body of his friend for 5 hours and then called
the Gendarmerie at 8 AM, saying "I killed my friend with an
ax. Come and get me."  When the Gendarmerie team finally
reached the gas station, they found Gercik sitting by Uygur's
body, smoking a cigarette.  Gercik was taken into custody
and brought to the Silivri Gendarmerie Command to give a

Image result for silivri haritasi
        Silivri district of Istanbul

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