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Dead Mayor Walking: April Fools!

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(Posta and Milliyet Newspapers, 2 April 2015)

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Mayor Alicik makes defiant 'live' appearance at cemetery.

Ramazan Ozkok works at the municipal health directorate in
Nazilli district of Aydin province (but for how much longer?).
Yesterday he posted the following message on his Twitter
account: "Mayor Haluk Alicik has met his Maker. He suffered
an accident on his way to Ankara. His body will be taken
tomorrow, after noon prayers, from Koca Mosque to
Egriboyun Cemetery."

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     Prankster Ramazan Ozkok: "What?"

People reading Ozkok's Tweets began to send condolence
messages for Mayor Alicik but it turned out that Ozkok had played
an April Fools joke on the mayor - who was not amused (!).  An
angry Mayor Alicik declared that "municipal personnel must
show the proper respect toward their bosses. I will start an
investigation in connection with the matter."

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Nazilli district is in northeastern Aydin province.

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