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Too Many Men in Her Life...and Death

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(HaberTurk Newspaper, 22 April 2015)

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The late guy-magnet, Esra hanim.

In Bursa, Esra Gulyol (25) was on her way home in a car being
driven by her brother. Another vehicle cut them off and Gulyol
was shot and killed by the occupants.  Just before the incident
occurred, the young woman had called her business partner to ask
for help, saying that "they're following us."

One of the suspects who shot Gulyol, whose husband is in jail,
was her former boyfriend.  The bloody incident took place around
midnight on 20 April on Selamet Street in the Soganli neighborhood.
Reportedly, Gulyol, her brother Nurettin G. and their friend Irfan I.
were heading home late at night.

When they reached Gulyol's street they were cut off by Orhan O.
and Yilmaz K. in another car.  The suspects opened fire and Gulyol
was hit in the chest. She was taken to Bursa State Hospital, where
she died.  Following the incident, police took Nurettin G., Irfan I.,
Orhan O. and Yilmaz K. into custody.

Gulyol worked as a decorator. She and her husband were tried on
narcotics charges. Gulyol was aquitted but her husband went to
prison.  Orhan O. was said to be Gulyol's former boyfriend.

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                              Bursa province

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