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Atilla the Cat-Hater on a Rampage

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 14 April 2015)

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           "Help! Atilla's at the gate!"

Funda Gunes (54), lives in Buyukcekmece, Istanbul. In 2003 Funda
dedicated her life to street cats after the death of her 19 year-old
daughter Ebru.  These days, Funda is taking care of 13 cats and a
dog in her home.

Funda's neighbor Atilla Cerenoglu does not share her love for cats
and the two have argued a number of times about the issue. Funda
has even had police inquiries opened against Cerenoglu for insults
and threats.

On the evening of 17 February, Funda took her garbage out to the
dumpster and encountered Cerenoglu who was waiting for her
with a bat in his hand.  Exclaiming "I'll kill you!", Cerenoglu began
beating Funda and stopped only when neighbors intervened.

Funda had to have 13 stitches for a gash in her head. Meanwhile,
Cerenoglu is facing at least a 3-year prison sentence.  Funda's
lawyer has asked the court in Buyukcekmece to try Cerenoglu
for attempted murder.

As for Cerenoglu, he said in his statement that "I have anger toward
her. When I saw her in the garden that day I grabbed my bat and
went after her. Then she used pepper spray on me so I hit her in
the head and the back with my bat."

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           Buyukcekmece district, Istanbul

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