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Folklore Dance Team Slapped for 'Motivation'

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 21 April 2015)

//ed. note: in this same vein, see a recent TNT report about a 
hockey coach who buried his players in the sand in Alanya and
had a dog terrorize them for losing their match by 15-0.  Such 
'motivational'  techniques take our TNT editor back to his days
with Sister Theophane in 7th grade.//  

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"Hold still while I box your ears for 'motivation'"

Folklore dance teams from ten provinces participated in the
Turkey Folklore Dance Federation competition held on 18-19
April at the Ismail Aytemiz Sports Hall in Kars.  The Erzurum
Palandoken Community Education Sports Club's coach,
Mustafa Burak Caglar, drew attention to himself when he was
seen slapping his students' faces and legs, supposedly to
motivate them.

Cameraman Adem Alp of the local Serhat TV channel,
noticed Caglar slapping the children and was attacked by
Caglar when he began filming the incident.   Caglar broke
Alp's camera and punched him. Police came to the scene
and took Caglar into custody. He was later released.

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                  Kars province

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