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Milk-giving He-goat Sentenced to Death in Gaza

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(HaberTurk Newspaper, 9 April 2015)

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"Anywhere else I'd make a fortune on TV"

The administration of Gaza, in Palestine, has sentenced to death
a male goat that gives milk. The reason for the odd death sentence
is that the goat's unusual situation is leading people to believe
that the goat is 'sacred' and a 'source of health'.  Officials have
defended their decision, saying that "the milk causes health

Casir Ebu Said, who lives in the El-Bureyc regugee camp,
noticed two weeks ago that his male goat was producing milk.
The news travelled fast and an investigation revealed that the
goat's pituitary gland was secreting excessive hormones, a
phenomena rarely encountered the world over.

The public was not impressed with the official explanation and
lined up in the camp to get some of the milk, thinking it was
'sacred' and 'healthy'.  Some said the milk could cure skin problems,
while other claimed that it could reverse sterility. Still others
waiting in line believed that the milk could break spells.

As the hysteria increased, the Gaza Agriculture Ministry decided
to kill the goat. Chief Veternarian Zekeriya el-Keferane stated
that because of the hormones in the milk it could be very harmful,
rather than helpful, health-wise.  As for the goat's owner Casir
Ebu Said, he asserted that officials were lying and that they had
forbidden him to sell the milk, accusing him of trying to sell a
phony 'cure-all'.  He vowed to fight the goat's death sentence tooth
and nail.

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If you happen to be planning a boat trip there...

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